Quincyridge  Goldens

    Our Past                  

                             In 1987  Quincyridge was started. We were showing English Mastiffs but my love for the golden retriever won out.                                                                                              I                             purchased a dog from a show/breeder in Minnesota and named her Baylee!


                     Baylee's dad AmCH Amberac Ramala Surfurr                                                      Baylee's mom was AmCH Kandiland's Certified Liter                                                                                                      Rated the #2 dog in  America in 1997 and 1998                                                                                                                    

                                                                                                                         Kandiland's Quincyridge Baylee


                   Our story started here Baylee's, her first litter produced 12 puppies, we kept one named her Molly and we were showing, hunting and playing! 



                    A special thankyou to everyone who has supported  Quincyridge Goldens throughout the years. A very special thankyou to Dr. Doug Davies (Broadview                                              Animal Clinic). We met him over 12 years ago when he came out with his wife Kathy and they bought their first golden "Brantley" from us.  From that day                                          forward he has done all our wellness puppy check-ups onsite. He now has had three goldens from us! 


                               Sites for more information on Golden Retriever's, just scroll over the link below and click on it.                                                                                         American Kennel Club

                   Golden Retriever Club of America