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Quincyridge goldens plan 1-2 selective breedings per year. We require that all sires we use in our breeding program are of show quality and excel in field, obedience or some other venue. They all must have clearances for eyes, hips, elbows and heart. Please keep in mind that we only have 1-3 dogs that we breed in a year. I co-own several dogs with family members which enables us to have several litters. Some years we may choose not to have any litters.  We are breeding to keep our current bloodlines strong with healthy, beautiful, loving goldens. Out of those puppies that are produced we may keep several if we see potential in them for showing/breeding prospects. What is left will be sold under "Limited Registration" only. This means you cannot breed your dog  even if it is of show quality. We have spent years of breeding quality dogs and we do it to better our breed and keep them healthy. Note this year due to covid 19 we are not accepting visitors at this time, we will however give you recommendations to other past Quincyridge Goldens puppy owners. We are members in good standing  with the Mile High Golden Retriever Club, Golden Retriever Club of America and AKC and follow their strict guidelines for breeding.

How to apply for a puppy:

1. Fill out the questionnaire

2. I cannot keep you on our list without a deposit 

3. A deposit helps insure that you are on our list, It also helps to determine  puppy selection. Together we will be able to find the right fit for your situation.

4. I will send pictures usually with texting or posting on their facebook page once the puppies are born, so you can be engaged in there life from day one.

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